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Football Fritters with Roasted Tomato Salsa and Cu...

These cute and tasty bean fritters stabilize glucose absorption and help you use insulin more effectively. Garlic, onion, and spices also lend a hand. The creamy, spicy dip and fresh salsa perfectly compliment the fritter’s savory flavor. So, dig in without a hint of guilt at your next football party!

Rosemary Mushroom Bolognese Stew with White Beans

Join us for a mid-winter meal in Italy — and you can fight diabetes at the same time. The deep tones of red wine, earthy mushrooms, rich bone broth and pungent herbs create an irresistible base for these creamy white beans and sweet tomatoes. Beans are a diabetes-healing superfood because they slow digestion, prevent blood sugar spikes for hours and help normalize blood pressure. This hearty stew also features chromium-packed onions and anti-inflammatory garlic, both of which aid in healing diabetes. It’s a great soup to freeze in individual portions for fast access to slow food, too.

Seared Sesame Tofu Over Green Tea Rice

In this recipe tofu is coated in sesame seeds and seared to create a crispy, crunchy stick you can happily enjoy — replace fatty chicken fingers with this healthy alternative and you won’t be sorry. The green tea gives nutty brown rice a depth and earthiness that complements it perfectly.

Roast Turkey with Mushroom Gravy

There is nothing like the flavor and moistness of an all-natural heritage turkey. There’s no need to cover these birds with pounds of butter or stick them in deep fryers. A simple roast accented with herbs and spices is a perfect way to enjoy this holiday classic.

Blueberry Flax Crisp

Give your heart a healthy boost with this delicious hot breakfast. It’s a snap to make and features bubbly sweet berries topped with nutty, crunchy granola and a hint of cloves. Antioxidant-rich blueberries, fiber-abundant whole grains and free radical-fighting honey team up for great taste and a healthy heart.

Buffalo Mushroom Meatloaf with Black Pepper Gravy

Classic meatloaf has never been so tasty or so healthy. You don’t have to give up your hearty gravy and comforting meat with this new take on grandma’s old favorite. The mushrooms add depth and bulk to make this a filling, stick-to-your ribs meal with healthy fats that help you burn fat. Try it with a dash of soy sauce for an Asian twist or add fresh herbs like basil or rosemary. Serve with a side of steamed veggies and you have a full healing meal that is easy on the waistline, the taste buds and the wallet.

Squash Soup

Fill up on this delectable soup to shed some pounds. The spicy warmth of ginger deepens and enhances the sweetness of squash and pear in this rich creamy puree. The complex carbs in squash and onion keep you full longer, while the milk’s calcium will help you lose weight.

Sweet Potato Chiffon Pie

Light and fluffy, but with the rich honeyed tones of sweet potatoes and maple, this is a blood-sugar-balancing pie that everyone will enjoy. Whole grain crusts tend to be a bit heartier than the light flaky crusts made of refined flour, but people who eat whole grains regularly have half the rate of diabetes, so it is worth it to give these crusts a try. The sweet potatoes reduce insulin resistance as well, so dig in!

Fava Bean Soup with Spicy Greens

This super simple, heart-healing soup is based on the humble but astonishing fava bean, famous throughout the Mediterranean for its buttery texture and nutty flavor. You’ll love how it makes the soup so creamy, and your heart will love how this soup reduces heart disease and hypertension, heals damaged arteries and lowers arterial inflammation.

Flax Pancakes with Berry Sauce

Flax gives this classic breakfast a healing twist by adding omega-3s and fiber to light fluffy naturally sweet pancakes. The berry sauce is gorgeous in color and just a drizzle will bring you energy and an easy smile all morning.

Coq Au Vin (Red Wine Chicken Stew)

This classic French dish has been made for centuries by French women who have weighed far less than those of us who stayed away from “fatty foods” to lose weight. Why? Studies have proven that healthy fats (like grass-fed chicken) speed up your metabolism and enable you to burn far more calories. The veggies in this succulent stew are also full of complex carbs and fiber that fill you up and keep you satisfied for hours. So go to France for dinner, enjoy your meal, and loose weight!

Kale and Roasted Winter Squash with Pecans

Classic fall flavors combine in this diabetes-easing dish. It’s simply loaded with healing ingredients, including squash, kale, onion and garlic, which all fight a major cause of diabetes – inflammation. Then toss in some pecans, which help balance blood sugar and help diabetics shed weight. If you love squash, you’ll adore this recipe.

Hearty Lentil Soup

Here’s a great, fresh-tasting alternative to canned lentil soup. It’s a fast, easy way to access all the healing properties of lentils, which are loaded with folate. This B vitamin drives down homocysteine’s ravaging inflammation, and protects the heart and the brain. Folate also improves mood and insomnia. The vegetables and herbs provide antioxidants which neutralize inflammatory and cancer-causing free radicals. And you’ll love the home-cooked flavor.

Roasted Vegetables with Goat Cheese

Showcase local and seasonal veggies while healing diabetes. Choose whatever looks good at your local farmers market and include it in this recipe! The carmelization from the roasting adds natural sweetness that contrasts nicely with the sharpness of the goat cheese. Cruciferous veggies like cauliflower and Brussels sprouts lower the risk of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, so eat them often!

Cinnamon Rice Pudding with Currants and Nuts

For dessert or breakfast, you’ll love this diabetes-busting pudding. The warm, aromatic tones of cinnamon, a hint of honey, creamy milk and the satisfying crunch of nuts make this brown rice irresistible. The whole grains, cinnamon, butter and nuts all help put the brakes on glucose. But nothing curbs the comfort, so dig in!

Split Pea Soup with Turkey Bacon

When temperatures plummet, here’s an easy way to warm up and ease fatigue. This is a creamy, hearty soup topped with crispy turkey bacon. The split peas keep your blood sugar stable while the garlic reduces inflammation, and both these actions give exhausted adrenal glands a badly needed break. The result? You get more energy for today without stealing energy from tomorrow.