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Emu Oil: A New Arthritis Pain Reliever?

Is emu oil a new miracle pain-reliever? The long-term studies of emu oil have not yet been thoroughly executed and assessed but early trials and anecdotal evidence from physicians and patients is strong. The similarity to olive oil–which is well tested and evaluated as an anti-inflammatory–makes emu oil a plausible “new” pain reliever for arthritis.

Keep Moving: 10 Minutes a Day Keeps Stiffness Away

Physical activity yields big benefits for people with arthritis. Ten minutes of activity three times a day begins to tackle most of arthritis-related problems. Research now shows that moderate exercise helps keep the muscles around affected joints strong and decreases bone loss.

Hot Pepper Cream Cools Joint Pain

Hot peppers may be too zesty for some tastes, but hot pepper cream offers real arthritis pain relief when massaged into your aching joints.

Stretch Away Arthritis Pain

Stretching is good medicine for arthritis, keeping your joints lubricated and limber.

Meditation Is Good Arthritis “Medicine”...

Even when you’re trying your best to see the sunny side of life, the challenges of living with arthritis can cause emotional distress and depression. There’s reason for hope!

What Else Improves Arthritis?

To successfully “interrupt” and heal your arthritis, you’ve got to address it on every level: molecular, physical and emotional.