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Healthy Joints Say No To Soda

The product we know and love as a sugary, bubbly, caffeine-laced mixture of chemicals bears slight resemblance to the first carbonated beverages, invented in the early 19th century as “imitation mineral waters” –sold for their health benefits.

Gluten Foods Can Make Arthritis Pain Flare

Gluten–found in wheat, rye, oats, barley and innumerable processed foods–causes inflammation in those who are sensitive to it, and that could be making your joint pain worse.

The Dangers of Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is the most common over-the-counter remedy used to alleviate arthritis pain. It is also the most common pain reliever associated with accidental liver poisoning.

Bad Snacks Make Bad Arthritis Pain

Snacking isn’t bad for you, but people with arthritis need to be especially careful to pick the right snacks–because the wrong snacks can make your arthritis pain and symptoms much, much worse.

Prevent Joint Fires – Can the Canola

Confused about canola?  It’s not surprising. In recent years, canola oil has been hotly disputed. The industry declares that it’s a healthy alternative to saturated fats, while others insist it is dangerous. On both sides, some claims are simply not true, and that adds to the confusion. The truth is that there are many problems […]

Oils That Make Arthritis Worse

Many vegetable oils out there are marketed as healthy choices for cooking, salad dressings and as butter-substitute spreads, but these oils should be avoided–especially if you have arthritis.

10 Foods That Make Arthritis Worse

If you suffer the burning joint pain of osteoarthritis (OA) or rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you could be unknowingly making it worse by eating foods that contribute to your inflammation.

Food Allergies Hurt Arthritis

If you suspect certain foods fan the flames of your arthritis symptoms, you may be right.

Which Fish Can I Safely Eat?

To reel in anti-arthritis benefits from seafood, you should eat three or more servings of high-omega-3 fish weekly. However, it is important to avoid all farmed fish and larger ocean varieties.

Do Nightshades Irritate Arthritis?

For some people with arthritis, the alkaloids in the plant family known as Solanaceae, (commonly called the nightshade family) seem to worsen arthritis symptoms and the body’s normal repair of joint collagen.

Does Meat Inflame Arthritis?

Animal foods are generally healthful foods which have been safely eaten for thousands of years without causing problems. But in excess–the way they appear in the typical Western diet–these foods can make arthritis worse.