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Joint-Happy Blueberry Flax Crisp

My arthritis really responds to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in berries. So I love to wake up to this simple healing breakfast. Sweet blueberries are topped with crunchy granola and walnuts, and this dish fills the air with the rich, warm aroma of cloves. Flax, berries, whole grains, walnuts and the cloves add their joint-healing power to this crisp.

Eggs Benedict with Spinach and Salmon

Eggs Benedict is a classic brunch specialty, but you can have these any morning to give those aching joints a boost. If you do not have a poaching pan or ring mold, add a couple of splashes of vinegar to the water to help the egg whites hold together. Also, try it with canned wild salmon – full of joint-healing omega-3s – or just enjoy the eggs and spinach with the yogurt sauce.

Huevos Rancheros

Let’s sit down to a traditional arthritis-healing breakfast! It’s loaded with joint-easing omega-3’s and inflammation-fighting nutrients in the eggs, black beans, whole grains, spinach, garlic and onion. They all work together to make walking a pleasure instead of a pain. Salsa verde is the perfect topping for this hearty dish with the tangy, fruity heat of roasted tomotillos and green chile.

Breakfast Strata with Spinach and Roasted Red Pepp...

Whole grains, spinach and omega-3 eggs are a super way to start your day. This is a perfect arthritis healing breakfast that is great for a holiday brunch or lazy Sunday.

Asian Scramble

This savory scramble includes a legion of arthritis-healing warriors: omega-3 eggs, crimini mushrooms, broccoli, ginger, onion and garlic. The touch of lime and mint on top are a refreshing surprise. Delicious for an eye-opening breakfast but hearty enough for lunch or dinner.

3-Grain Porridge with Berries and Milk

On a cold winter morning when your joints are aching, there is nothing better than this heartwarming healthy porridge. The satisfying texture of the whole grains infused with smoky cinnamon, nutmeg and the citrusy crispiness of coriander combine with your favorite fresh berries to up the inflammation- fighting properties even more.