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Grapefruit Orange Ice with Fresh Mint

Dip into a cold blast of refreshing citrus . . . a diabetes-healing “chill pill”. . . the perfect thing for a special treat. Full of anti-inflammatories that help stamp out diabetes, its vitamin C helps protect hearts from diabetic complications.

Glucose-Healing Sweet Potato Chiffon Pie

Light and fluffy, but with the rich honeyed tones of sweet potatoes and maple, this is a blood-sugar-balancing pie that everyone will enjoy. Whole grain crusts tend to be a bit heartier than the light flaky crusts made of refined flour, but people who eat whole grains regularly have half the rate of diabetes, so it is worth it to give these crusts a try. The sweet potatoes reduce insulin resistance as well, so dig in!

Joint-Chilling Coconut Orange Parfait with Ginger ...

Your palate will love this cool, complex and satisfying dessert as much as your joints do! It bursts with the flavors of citrus and honey, followed by warm ginger notes in the berries. Don’t feel guilty enjoying this treat: the yogurt, ginger and the berries specialize in easing joint pain and repairing damaged cartilage.

Banana Bread

This moist, flavorful breakfast bread is perfect all by itself or with a spread of sugar free preserves or nut butter. Toast in the oven for a few minutes to give texture and extra crunch.