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Onion Tomato Relish

This simple tasty condiment is a dynamic addition to any meal. It’s also an arthritis-fighting superhero with the full antioxidant power of onions and garlic. Try it over grilled fish, chicken or as a warm salad tossed with steamed vegetables.

Add jalapenos if you like heat, or try different spices like cumin, coriander, or curry powder. If the liquid evaporates too quickly add a little water or extra orange juice.

Cowboy Beans

Nothing will soothe a cowboy’s joints after a long day in the saddle like these arthritis spiced baked beans. You’ll never eat beans out of a can again after trying this arthritis healing side dish.

Serve these healing baked beans with roasted chicken and greens for an old fashioned southern meal that will soothe your joints.

Arthritis-Banishing Roasted Broccoli with Dried Ch...

Here’s an incredibly simple yet elegant arthritis-healing dish. It’s fancy enough to impress your guests, yet quick enough to whip up for your family. Charred broccoli tips, sweet cherries and crunchy nuts make this a delightful side, and all these ingredients will help reduce inflammation in fiery joints.