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Build Community to Lift Your Spirits

Loneliness is toxic to your body, mind and soul. As human beings, we need to feel connected to each other. And science has shown that if we are not, the resulting isolation can be worse for us than obesity or smoking! It’s a big problem. An estimated 20%, or 60 million, of Americans are reported […]

Heal Yourself with Hypnosis

Many say that depression is caused by negative beliefs that have become hardwired in our brains. Like a healing laser beam, hypnosis aims straight at neutralizing those life-sapping thought patterns. 1. Hypnosis wins over therapy. Research has shown hypnotherapy treatments to be more helpful than cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for reducing depression, anxiety and hopelessness. In […]

Exercise: Nature’s Antidepressant

It’s no secret that exercise makes you feel better. But when you are depressed, it’s tough getting started when you don’t “feel” like it. 1. Moving will make you “feel” like it. Simply put, exercise makes you want to do more exercise. A recent study evaluated the results of a 12-week workout program with participants […]

EFT: a Powerful Path Out of Depression

Looking for a quick, easy cure to depression that only takes a few sessions and no medication? It’s already here: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping has been shown to help thousands break out of depressive mental patterns. 1. Developed from ancient Chinese medicine. EFT is both profound and simple.  Following the Oriental principles of […]

Massage Away Melancholy

An estimated 18 million Americans relax with massages every year. Why shouldn’t they? Massage heals aching muscles and it feels wonderful. But did you realize that depression can also be banished by a bout on a massage table? Research has found that massage therapy can significantly reduce symptoms of the blues. 1. The ancient “art […]

The Healing Power of Pets

Sometimes the best therapy has nothing to do with people. Sometimes, the best depression-tamer is simply a cat purring on your lap or walking a happy dog. 1. Soothing heart and mind. Science is acknowledging the big role animals can play in our emotional life. Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, has been recognized […]

Good Sleep Boosts Your Spirits

It’s one of those tricky Catch-22 situations: the less sleep you get, the more depressed you are. The more depressed you are, the harder it is to nod off at night. Up to 80% of depressed people struggle with some form of sleeplessness, which just makes their melancholy worse. And they are not alone; statistics […]

Volunteering Chases off the Blues

Volunteering helps others. But did you know that being a humanitarian also helps you?  Banish your depression by giving to others: studies show it can make you feel as good as eating a fine meal or even having sex! 1. Volunteering creates pleasure. Scientists have long theorized that the anti-depressant boost from volunteering is from […]

Laugh Yourself to Health

Laugh in the face of depression! Go ahead, have a big belly laugh. It may seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re clinically depressed, but your days will brighten considerably if you seek out opportunities to laugh. Laughter is a mysterious full-cortex experience with healing benefits for the mind, body and […]

Dark Chocolate Lightens Mood

If you’re depressed, try indulging yourself a little with dark chocolate. This luscious treat, which should not be confused with milk chocolate, is rich in depression-fighting chemicals, carbohydrates and antioxidants. It helps boost your mood by releasing endorphins, and it stokes the serotonin levels in your brain. Just remember, a little goes a long way […]

Chase Away the Blues With Daily Sunbaths

Depression makes you want to curl up in a dark cave. But that’s the last thing you should do! Instead, expose as much bare skin as you dare, take a nice, long sunbath and watch yourself start to feel better. We humans evolved with sunlight, and our bodies need plenty of it to synthesize vitamin […]

Beat Your Blues With Brewer’s Yeast

Managing depression is never easy, but it’s important that you do so as depression can upend your entire life, hurting you and those who care about you. If you’re depressed, take a close look at your diet, and choose foods that are packed with blues-busting nutrition. Brewer’s yeast, an inactive yeast byproduct of brewing beer, […]