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Ditch the Joe and Good Vibes Will Grow

Your morning coffee may seem like a good pick-me-up, but if you’re depressed that steaming cup of joe might actually make you feel worse. The energizing rush of caffeine is a well-loved American wakeup call — Americans indulge in one billion cups in an average week! In the long run, however, the caffeine in coffee […]

Banish the Sugar Blues

There’s nothing sweet about depression — and sugar makes it worse. Sugar in all its forms depletes B vitamins that keep the brain calm and happy and sends blood sugar, insulin and emotions on a wild roller coaster ride. And guess what lies at journey’s end? You’ve got it: Depression. A diet filled with fiber-rich […]

Alcohol Makes Depression Worse

Alcohol and depression don’t mix. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol impairs judgment, interferes with critically needed sleep, can interact with prescription medications and is itself a depressant. Alcohol depletes omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins essential to brain structures and communication. It’s simple: drinking makes depression worse. 1. Alcohol depletes omega-3s, the foundation of […]