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Fast Carbs: A Fast Track To Diabetes

Hold the waffles! And the toast! If you are diabetic (or pre-diabetic), halting consumption of  “fast carbs” is critical.  The results are big: you quickly lower your blood sugar, reduce your weight, and begin to reverse the symptoms of diabetes. Why are fast carbs so deadly? Quick carbs spike your blood sugar as fast as […]

Acupuncture Soothes Diabetes Symptoms

According to an article published in Acupuncture Today, acupuncture is an effective treatment for diabetes because it helps lower and stabilize glucose levels, supports the pancreas and improves blood circulation.

Meditation Manages Diabetes

Sometimes the stress of dealing with diabetes can feel more difficult than the disease itself. Meditation is a simple, easy-to-learn process that can help you feel more in control even when facing the life-changing challenge of diabetes.

Daily Exercise Improves Diabetes

One positive step you can take toward healing your diabetes is also one of the easiest: exercise daily. Just 1 hour of daily exercise — broken into 2-3 short sessions, if necessary — can dramatically improve how well you metabolize glucose, improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin, help you shed unwanted pounds and significantly reduce […]

Seek Support For Diabetes Lifestyle Changes

Finding a diabetes support group might be the wisest decision you make in helping you live with your medical condition.

Fermented Foods Foil Diabetes

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi help curb diabetes by stabilizing and reducing glucose levels. Eating fermented foods can also help you lose weight and prevent diabetic complications such as heart disease.

Hydrate for Diabetes Health

Drinking pure water is especially important for people with diabetes because getting rid of excess glucose pulls extra water from your body.

Use Vinegar To Lower GI of Food

A new study from The Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism revealed that adding only two teaspoons of vinegar to a meal containing complex carbohydrates can reduce their glycemic impact by an amazing 20%. More interesting, it affects only complex carbohydrates, which are found in foods such as whole grains, brown rice, and beans. The simple […]

Many Ways To Help And Heal Diabetes

To build a diabetes healing life, you’ve got to Help and Heal it on every level: molecular, physical and emotional. While nutrition is the single most powerful way to improve your diabetes, there are other non-drug healers and helpers that can provide significant improvement.

Weight Loss Critical for Defeating Diabetes

The single most important step to preventing, controlling or even reversing diabetes is to lose weight. According to the American Diabetes Association, even a modest reduction in weight can help you lower your blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and help you reduce your dependence on insulin.

Abdominal Surgery Promoted For Diabetes Treatment

Lost in the excitement over expanding diabetes treatment to include risky bariatric surgery is the emphasis on prevention.