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Fast Carbs: A Fast Track To Diabetes

Hold the waffles! And the toast! If you are diabetic (or pre-diabetic), halting consumption of  “fast carbs” is critical.  The results are big: you quickly lower your blood sugar, reduce your weight, and begin to reverse the symptoms of diabetes. Why are fast carbs so deadly? Quick carbs spike your blood sugar as fast as […]

Pass on the White Potatoes

Nothing is as tempting as hot, buttery, creamy mashed potatoes or crisp, salty fries. But people with diabetes should not eat too many white potatoes, because they can send your blood sugar sky-high.

Stay Away From Sugar

Sugar moves into your bloodstream so quickly, it overwhelms the body’s natural insulin response and causes chronically high blood sugar levels. In fact, sugar in its many forms (candy, baked goods, sodas and a wide variety of added sweeteners) is like poison for those with diabetes or prediabetes. It leads to obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic […]

Foods That Make Diabetes Worse

For every medical condition there are foods that make it radically worse. This is especially true for Diabetes.

Trans Fats Fuel Diabetes

Dietary fats play an important role in managing diabetes, as long as you eat the right ones. There are good fats: essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 as well as moderate amounts of saturated fats from high-quality range-free meat and dairy products, all of which can help manage blood sugar levels. And then there are trans fats…

Can the Soda to Heal Diabetes

Soda tops the list of the worst foods for managing diabetes because it’s loaded with sugar and calories without offering any nutritional benefit.