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Jim Healthy’s Anti-Inflammation Punch

Here’s a refreshing holiday punch that won’t spike your blood sugar or add to your weight. As an added bonus, it contains three anti-inflammatory ingredients which relieve joint and muscle pain. This works so well that I sip on it during my workouts and find that it energizes me and speeds my recovery. Enjoy! Makes […]

Green Tea Pomegranate Spritzer for Diabetes

Fight diabetes with this sparkling green tea. You’ll love the zesty ginger and tangy pomegranate juice; your body will love the fact that tea, ginger and pomegranate juice help lower blood sugar. They’re also high in anti-inflammatories that reduce the risk of diabetes and its complications. So fill ‘er up!

Garlic Hummus Recipe

A trio of diabetes-fighting ingredients combine in this easy, versatile spread to control glucose, improve insulin sensitivity and lower cholesterol. Beans, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil are not only tasty but filled with antioxidants and vitamins that promote weight loss and diabetes health.

Football Fritters with Roasted Tomato Salsa and Cu...

These cute little football fritters defend you against diabetes! The typical chips, dips and pizza at Super Bowl parties send blood sugar spiking and crashing all over the place. But the beans in these tasty fritters stabilize glucose absorption and help you use insulin more effectively. Garlic, onion, and the spices also lend a hand. The creamy, spicy dip and fresh salsa perfectly compliment the fritter’s savory flavor, so dig in!

Garlic Shrimp on Jicama Crostini with Mango Salsa

You can have your crostini and eat it too! This crispy, refreshing jicama exudes flavor. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat — and you will be enjoying foods that help stabilize blood sugar by slowing digestion, controlling blood sugar spikes, and reducing insulin resistance.

Flourless Chocolate Chili Cake with Strawberry Sau...

Our tasters raved about the pure, intense chocolate flavor in this diabetes healing cake. They also loved the euphoric zing of the chili. I’ll bet you’ll swoon over it as much as we do. In addition, you get omega-3 oils from the eggs, anti-inflammatories in the dark chocolate, strawberries and orange juice, and antioxidants in the chili and cayenne. They all help give diabetes and its heart disease complications the boot. (Of course, there is still a bit of conventional sugar in the chocolate chips, so eat small portions to satisfy that chocolate craving without spiking blood sugar.)

Seared Scallop Salad with Edamame, Corn, Red Onion...

A fresh, easy diabetes-healing salad. Spicy jalapeno vinaigrette knocks this recipe out of the park with it’s super spicy kick and depth of flavor. Nutty edamame is a perfect combo with creamy scallops and crunchy red onion. Your blood sugar will “stay the course” thanks to the beans and omega-3-rich scallops.

Mulled Green Tea and Cider for Diabetes

Warm up with this hot, fragrant, diabetes-friendly drink. It features traditional woodsy mulled flavors of apple and cinnamon. The cinnamon and the green tea, taken over time, are very effective at controlling blood sugar. The tea also reduces diabetes complications and raises your metabolism, which is why you’ll want to join me in drinking this often.

Fava Bean Soup with Spicy Greens for Diabetes

Fava beans are one of my absolute favorites because of their buttery texture and nutty flavor. This soup shows off them off brilliantly with its rich creamy body and spicy hot greens. And what good medicine: beans rope, wrangle and hog-tie those blood sugar spikes for a full day after you eat them.

Pizza On-the-Fly for Diabetes

This home-made, healthy pizza delivers incredible flavor and a crisp, delicious crust. It takes just minutes to prepare. Conventional pizza is packed with refined carbs and unhealthy fats that spike blood sugar, clog arteries and pack on the pounds. These pizzas do just the opposite, thanks to their antioxoidants (in spinach, tomatoes, whole grains and garlic), and anti-inflammatories (in spinach, basil, garlic, and cheese from grass-fed cows). You’ll never need to order delivery pizza again!

Fatigue-Free Spinach Pesto Recipe

When battling fatigue, quick dips are a treasure. Keep a stash in the fridge so you can just open the door, grabs some veggies and pesto, and enjoy a healing snack. Or slather it on sandwiches, pasta and meats. Its flavor is mild, yet also subtly rich and complex, thanks to the shallots. All the ingredients help balance your blood sugar, thus providing you with a more stable supply of energy.

Farmers Market Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Rec...

The best thing about this salad is that you can use whatever you find at your local farmers market. Pick out the most gorgeous seasonal veggies and combine them to create a colorful, eye pleasing and super nutritious side dish. Organic vegetables are higher in vitamins and minerals and have tons more flavor. Give thanks to small local farmers everywhere when you feast upon this bounty of a salad.

Rosemary Mushroom Bolognese Stew with White Beans ...

Join me for a mid-winter meal in Italy . . . and you can fight diabetes at the same time. The deep tones of red wine, earthy mushrooms, rich bone broth and pungent herbs create an irresistible base for these creamy white beans and sweet tomatoes. Beans are a diabetes healing superfood because they slow digestion, prevent blood sugar spikes for hours and help normalize blood pressure. And they’re joined by chromium-packed onions and anti-inflammatory garlic, which also speed diabetes healing. It’s a great soup to freeze in individual portions for fast access to slow food.

Macho Nachos Recipe

The standard nacho snack is a diabetes bombshell of dangerous fats and genetically modified “food products” that can easily increase your weight and spike your glucose. Our version has small amounts of healthy fats, more than twice the fiber and plenty of unadulterated whole grains to keep you blood sugar calm and steady. The only spike is in outrageous flavor and satisfying crunch, because real ingredients taste a million times better than the fake stuff!

Romaine Salad with Red Wine Poached Pears and Cinn...

This salad is super-gourmet and filled with diabetes-healing properties. The textures and flavor combinations are out of this world with creamy pungent gorgonzola, crispy sweet pepitas and the fresh crunch of romaine. Red wine adds its earthy flavors and winning antioxidants. You might think romaine is just an ordinary lettuce, but it is a power-packed diabetes healer, with plenty of antioxidants and the mineral chromium.

Romaine Salad with Curried Nuts and Sweet Potato f...

Romaine is a powerhouse of Diabetes Healing nutrients, including chromium for insulin sensitivity, vitamins to fight free radical damage, and folates for your heart. The sweet potato satisfies your sweet tooth and the curried nuts add yet another superfood to your lunch or dinner salad. Add extra veggies such as carrot, bell pepper or cucumber for a bundle of extra diabetes-friendly foods.