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Flourless Chocolate Chili Cake with Strawberry Sau...

Our tasters raved about the pure, intense chocolate flavor in this diabetes healing cake. They also loved the euphoric zing of the chili. I’ll bet you’ll swoon over it as much as we do. In addition, you get omega-3 oils from the eggs, anti-inflammatories in the dark chocolate, strawberries and orange juice, and antioxidants in the chili and cayenne. They all help give diabetes and its heart disease complications the boot. (Of course, there is still a bit of conventional sugar in the chocolate chips, so eat small portions to satisfy that chocolate craving without spiking blood sugar.)

Butternut Squash Cheesecake Recipe

Creamy and light, this holiday cheesecake doesn’t taste like it could possibly be ok to indulge in. But no need to worry, the use of stevia and the natural sweetness of roasted squash gives this the depth that makes a really great dessert. Roast the whole squash and serve the other half with dinner for a great alternative to sugary sweet potato pie.

Cinnamon Rice Pudding with Currants and Nuts Recip...

For dessert or breakfast, you’ll love this diabetes-busting pudding. The warm, aromatic tones of cinnamon, a hint of honey, creamy milk and the satisfying crunch of nuts make this brown rice irresistible. The whole grains, cinnamon, butter and nuts all help put the brakes on glucose. But nothing curbs the comfort, so dig in!

Blackberry Blueberry Sorbet with Ginger and Mango

Forget store-bought sorbet filled with sugar and additives. You don’t even need a machine to make this succulent dessert that is all natural but will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The ginger adds depth and the mango adds freshness while the berries bring the phytoestrogens and antioxidants that are so important to women experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Valentine’s Treats, Healing and Sweet!

What’s Valentine’s Day without some scrumptious treats for you and your sweetie to enjoy? But you don’t want to spike your blood sugar or blow your diet, right? We thought so.  That’s why we created these low-calorie, blood sugar-friendly goodies made with SLIMTEVIA, the all-natural sweetener that’s three times as sweet as sugar — but […]