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The Truly Special (Vitamin) K

Chances are, you already know that dark green leafy vegetables are good for you. They’re crammed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins that help your body stay healthy. You might’ve heard that vitamin K is one of those helpful nutrients. But do you know everything vitamin K does? And did you know that it can fend off diabetes?
at least one researcher has evidence that lack of K plays a role in prostate, leukemia and other cancers, and dementia. In recent years, scientists have discovered that vitamin K also fights inflammation.

Cinnamon Cinches Diabetes

Cinnamon gives breakfast cereal its wonderful, spicy aroma. This versatile seasoning is an essential ingredient in the diabetes pantry because it keeps glucose low and slow. At the same time, it cools inflamed arteries. A daily sprinkling of cinnamon in your coffee or on top of your oatmeal can produce dramatic effects in controlling diabetes.

Step Up Chromium to Stop Diabetes

Chromium is an important ally for diabetics and prediabetics because it reduces risk, lowers blood sugar, increases insulin sensitivity, and balances cholesterol. Fortunately, there are easy and delicious ways to increase your intake of this critical trace mineral.

Ginseng Reduces Blood Sugar

Ginseng, a slow-growing plant with a fleshy root, is famed in Asian medicine for its healing qualities. It is an adaptogen, meaning it increases the body’s ability to withstand stress. There are 11 different species of ginseng, of which the American and Asian Panax varieties have both been found to be useful in treating type […]

Diabetes Healing Supplements

Because you may not be able to prepare or eat the most healing meals all the time, supplements may provide extra nutritional support.