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Poached Egg on Ezekiel Bread with Creamy Spinach a...

A plethora of powerhouse diabetes-healing ingredients make this quick and easy breakfast one to go to again and again. Omega-3 eggs reduce inflammation, whole grains help stabilize blood sugar levels, and probiotics in the yogurt boost your immune system. Add the natural sweetness of roasted peppers and you have a breakfast that will not disappoint.

Fatigue-Fading Squash Soup

Here’s a delicious soup for people struggling with fatigue. It’s a comforting combination of sweet winter squash and pear, lit up with the rich, spicy heat of ginger. It will help recharge
your batteries with the healing power of squash and onion’s complex carbs, milk’s vitamin B-12 and ginger’s anti-inflammatory adrenal support.

Peppy Seafood Bisque

Tired of fatigue? Here’s a delicate, velvety soup that will enchant your tongue and enhance your energy while keeping your belly satisfied for hours. The wild salmon and shrimp help replace vital stores of omega-3 oils which run low in people suffering from fatigue. The yogurt and garlic also reduce stress hormone, which means more energy for you.

Peppy Green Tea Pomegranate Spritzer

Need a break from fatigue? Try this cooling tea on a hot summer’s day. It hints of pomegranate above the sparkling ginger green tea. And all three of those ingredients (pomegranate, ginger and green tea) stabilize blood sugar and adrenal stress, which means your energy goes farther today and in the future.

Energizing Grilled Salmon with Squash and Pepita P...

Support exhausted adrenals with this simple but succulent meal. It features four fatigue-fighting musketeers: wild salmon, olive oil, garlic and pumpkin seeds. There’s nothing quite like tender, meaty salmon, which combines beautifully with the natural sweetness of winter squash and pungent garlicky pesto.

Nori Wrapped Crab Rolls with Roasted Red Pepper

Preparing your own sushi is much easier than you might imagine. Here is an easy appetizer recipe that gives you the entire delicious and nutritious flavors without the unneeded addition of sticky carb-loaded rice. These light airy rolls combine the best of Japanese cuisine and are super affordable. They take just a few minutes to make, and the result is invigorating dish that just might become one of your staples.

Spunky Greek Meatball Sandwich

Grass-fed bison is the star of this fatigue-fighting sandwich. Its juicy, meaty flavor is enhanced with salty olives and cooled by minty yogurt dressing. You’ll enjoy sinking your teeth into it, and your body will appreciate the energizing effects of whole grains, bison, yogurt, onions, garlic and eggs.

Split Pea Soup with Turkey Bacon

When temperatures plummet, here’s an easy way to warm up and ease fatigue. This is a creamy, hearty soup topped with crispy turkey bacon. The split peas keep your blood sugar stable while the garlic reduces inflammation, and both these actions give exhausted adrenal glands a badly needed break. The result? You get more energy for today without stealing energy from tomorrow.

Spinach Mushroom Artichoke Soup

This fresh, green soup has abundant vitamins and minerals that heal fatigue. Light and savory, it’s packed with vitamins C, B-1 and B-12, folate, iron and magnesium (courtesy of the spinach and yogurt). All these nutrients help revitalize people who are feeling “low-energy.”

Sesame Broccoli with Roasted Red Peppers

Crunchy broccoli unites with tender, smoky roasted red peppers in this delectable dish, and the nutty, zesty sauce compliments them both. Broccoli and red peppers provide abundant vitamin C, while garlic, ginger and oranges are anti-inflammatory, which helps to restore exhausted adrenals.

Vitality-Inducing Salmon Burger with Citrus Dressi...

Fatigue-fighting burgers? You bet! They’re anchored by two critical superfoods: omega-3-rich wild salmon and yogurt, which reduce adrenal stress. The burgers are also loaded with other important healing foods like garlic, citrus, whole grains and ginger. And the flavor is seriously to-die-for. Savory salmon is topped by the piece de resistance, a creamy ginger citrus sauce that is quite addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Vitality-Enhancing Mulled Green Tea and Cider

Staying warm can be a challenge for people with fatigue. This piping hot cup of cinnamon-infused, cider-sweetened green tea will get you toasty warm and more. Cinnamon and green tea help control blood sugar, which means less stress on your adrenal glands, and more get-up-and-go for you.

Vitality-Building Roasted Broccoli with Dried Cher...

This quick and elegant side will help you fight fatigue. Broccoli is baked with cherries and walnuts for a sweet, savory, and satisfyingly crunchy combination. Broccoli’s B and C vitamins support the critical adrenal glands and are vital for energy production. In addition, broccoli, walnuts and coconut oil help stabilize blood sugar, which gives you even more pep.

Baba Ganoush for Menopause

Journey to Marrakesh to ease the change of life! The onion in this silky-smooth, robust and earthy dip helps women retain estrogen. Four potent antioxidant ingredients (onion, lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil) also protect your heart, which pleads for extra support during menopause. Dip into this classic Mediterranean favorite with sliced veggies — or spread it on whole-grain pita wedges or flatbread, topping with feta, olives, tomatoes and cukes.

Want More Energy? Optimize Your O2 Intake

It seems like we shouldn’t have to think about correct breathing; it should just come naturally. And for the most part it does; if we didn’t do it automatically, we’d die. But, when it comes to fatigue, how you breathe starts to matter a good deal. Avoid shallow breathing. Dr. Robert Fried, author of the […]

For More Energy, Chuck the Cigs

Lighting up may be one of the worst things you can do for your energy levels. With every puff, you are limiting the amount of oxygen your body has access to, while upping the amount of toxic carbon dioxide in your blood. Stop the vicious cycle. To offset the fatigue-inducing effects of smoking, smokers often […]