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Want More Energy? Optimize Your O2 Intake

It seems like we shouldn’t have to think about correct breathing; it should just come naturally. And for the most part it does; if we didn’t do it automatically, we’d die. But, when it comes to fatigue, how you breathe starts to matter a good deal. Avoid shallow breathing. Dr. Robert Fried, author of the […]

For More Energy, Chuck the Cigs

Lighting up may be one of the worst things you can do for your energy levels. With every puff, you are limiting the amount of oxygen your body has access to, while upping the amount of toxic carbon dioxide in your blood. Stop the vicious cycle. To offset the fatigue-inducing effects of smoking, smokers often […]

Pacing Yourself Keeps You One Step Ahead of Chroni...

If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, probably the best advice is commonsense: slow down. You don’t necessarily have to stop everything, just learn how to manage the day-to-day activities of life at a pace that works for you. Also, managing your energy will steer you clear of the crash-and-burn that can happen when you […]

Knead Help with Fatigue? Get a Massage!

Getting a good rub down is a wonderful, pleasurable way for anyone to unwind. And the restorative effects may be particularly healing for those who are struggling with chronic fatigue. Your body—and the data—know best. If your Oos and Ahs aren’t enough to convince you of how great massage is, take a look at the […]

Talk Your Way Out of Chronic Fatigue with Cognitiv...

If you are dealing with fatigue that seriously affects the quality of your life, finding a professional counselor can help you to cope. Specifically, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be particularly useful. What is cognitive behavioral therapy? CBT works by helping you change negative thought patterns and beliefs that adversely affect your quality of life. […]

Exercise Your Way to More Energy

Light, easy exercise has been shown consistently to improve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and adrenal fatigue. Fatigue specialist Dr. James Wilson, author of the excellent Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome, has found that any exercise that is enjoyable (not grueling, debilitating or highly competitive) works for his clients. I know you might be thinking, […]

10 Tips for Better Sleep

In Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome, adrenal fatigue specialist Dr. James Wilson notes that getting enough sleep is crucial for healing fatigue. Unfortunately, one symptom of adrenal fatigue can be inability to sleep. Here are some tips from Dr. Wilson and other practitioners that will help you get some zzz’s. 1. Program your body’s […]

Banish Stress and Reenergize Your Life

There’s no way around it, intense stress is devastating to our health. The results of the major Nurses Health Study of 20,000 women back this up. Some people naturally have more resilient systems, but even they can fall into the dark abyss of fatigue when their natural limits are exceeded, leaving them as confused and […]

Find a Doc Who Understands Chronic Fatigue

It can be difficult to find a conventional doctor who knows anything about treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or adrenal fatigue. And, of course, some docs still debate whether CFS is even real. Well, those of us who struggle to pull ourselves out of bed every morning have no doubts about it! Fortunately, alternative medicine […]

Boost Vitality with Sea Salt

Do you crave salt? That’s your body crying out for a nutrient that is absolutely essential to its ability to function. Folks suffering from fatigue are often deficient in salt and that makes it even harder for us to recover our long-lost spunk and vitality. Unfortunately we live in a society that vilifies salt because […]