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Apples are Fatigue-Fighters

A ripe, juicy organic apple a day keeps Dr. Sleepy away. High in fiber and antioxidants, apples are an important part of anyone’s healthy diet. But folks with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) will especially benefit from this member of nature’s medicine cabinet. 1. Apples are packed with antioxidants.  Eat the rainbow! Foods that are the […]

The Top 12 Fatigue Healing Superfoods

Welcome to My Healing Kitchen! As a member, you will receive weekly articles featuring the top Fatigue  Healing Superfoods.  (If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join us!) Over 9,000 studies confirm that food is your best medicine. If you have misplaced your pep, that’s encouraging news. Recent studies show that certain […]

Apples and Papayas: Fighting Fatigue by Switching ...

I hate to break it to the Amazonian Indiana Jones types hot on the trail of exotic, healing superfoods, but familiar old friends like apples and papayas kick fatigue’s butt like Clark Kent turning into Superman. Apples’ antioxidants are some of the most powerful known, and they help control blood sugar. Papaya’s vitamin C supports […]

Nuts Nourish People With Fatigue

How do I begin to sing the praises of nuts when it comes to energizing exhausted souls? Researchers say nuts are one of the top plant sources of free radical fighters on the planet. Yup, you can’t go wrong with a handful of nuts. They not only help you control your blood sugar but their […]

Olive Oil is a Miracle Food for Energy

Olive oil is the quintessential Mediterranean food and the backbone of the healing Mediterranean Diet. It has contributed to the health of people in the region for centuries, and astonished researchers with its healing power for several decades. With a track record like that, it’s not surprising that cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a […]

Savor Salmon to End Fatigue

Salmon is an incredible healer, with a broad range of essential nutrients that support overall health. It is also an important component of the fatigue healing diet, in part because of its rich stores of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, both of which have been shown to ease fatigue. 1. Fatigue fades with omega-3-rich […]

Grass-Fed Lean Meats Pump Up Energy

Beef can be healthy and diminish fatigue? You bet! But you won’t get those health benefits from a greasy old beef burrito made from a factory-farmed cow “finished” in a feedlot, shot up with antibiotics, dipped in pesticides and wallowing in pathogens. You’ll find healthy beef comes from happy cows fed on pasture. That increases […]

Fatigue Fades With Whole Grains

Vive la Resistance! Whole grains are vital allies in the battle against fatigue and healing your adrenal glands. While processed carbohydrates exhaust your body and lead to inflammation and diseases, whole grains give these crucial glands a rest by neutralizing free radicals, controlling blood sugar and keeping energy even throughout the day. In addition, whole […]

Yogurt Fortifies You Against Fatigue

You may already keep a stash of yogurt in your fridge, but did you know it’s a superfood when it comes to healing fatigue? Plain yogurt reduces the anxiety that accompanies fatigue and stabilizes your blood sugar, so it helps provide your cells with a steady source of energy. And that’s just the tip of […]

Say Yo to Yogurt to Heal Fatigue

Too tired to eat your cereal in the morning? Then it’s time to switch to yogurt for breakfast. Deep fatigue is linked to a compromised immune system, which is primarily found in the gut, where friendly bacteria fight off “bad” bugs and heal the intestinal barrier critical to immune functioning. Probiotics like yogurt and kefir […]

Recharge Your Batteries With Vitamin D-Rich Salmon

Get hooked on wild salmon if you’re serious about healing debilitating fatigue. Wild salmon is a rare natural dietary source of vitamin D, the sunshine hormone that, among other things, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation, common in chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Wild-caught salmon is bursting with essential omega-3 fatty acids, […]

Poultry Gobbles Up Fatigue

Free-range, or pastured, chicken and turkey are great sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, the cornerstone of a healthy anti-inflammatory diet for people dealing with fatigue.  Poultry is also high in selenium, which provides antioxidant and immune system support;  B vitamins, critical to energy production; and lean protein, which slows glucose metabolism. These nutrients help […]

Olive Oil is Fatigue’s Friend

Cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil is a superhealer. It reduces inflammation in the body while also stabilizing blood sugar — both essential for people dealing with chronic fatigue. Mediterranean cultures have relied on olive oil to maintain health for thousands of years. It is a time-tested healing ally in managing health, backed up by solid research. […]

Beans Banish Fatigue

Beans are one of the top fatigue-healing foods for good reason: they slow the release of blood sugar into your bloodstream. When your blood sugar is stable, your body and brain have a steady source of fuel, which helps you stay energized. But beans also take a load off your adrenal glands, which regulate the […]

Pamper Fatigue with Papaya

Papaya is not only delicious but a useful dietary addition for those dealing with chronic fatigue. This tropical fruit has one of the highest vitamin C concentrations of any fruit, and it is full of other antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help support fatigued adrenal glands. 1. Papaya supports adrenals with vitamin C. In a UCLA […]

Sea Veggies Sink Fatigue

Listen to this fascinating tidbit: our blood is about as salty as the ocean, and the minerals in the ocean are the same minerals that are found in the human blood. Sea vegetables contain the broadest array of these minerals found in any food, and not surprisingly, those minerals are great for human health and […]