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Orange Ice with Dark Chocolate Chips

Get your fix of dark chocolate flavor with the classic pairing of orange and chili flakes. The ice is smooth and silky in your mouth while the chocolate chips add a heady burst that will satisfy sweet cravings while healing your heart. Chili flakes add just a touch of heat to get your temperature up and your body energized.

Dark Chocolate S’mores with Yogurt Marshmallows an...

We all have sweet childhood memories of sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. Here is a high class version of that old favorite camping dessert. The spongy yogurt “marshmallow” is sweet and tangy, the ginger cookies add crunch and velvety smooth dark chocolate is both healing and delicious.

Try adding some orange or lemon zest to the marshmallows. Use other cookies or traditional graham crackers.

Coconut Orange Parfait with Ginger and Berries

Fill up on heart-healthy antioxidants and anti-inflammatories! This rich, gingery, berry burst of flavor is loaded with them. It makes a cool break on a broiling summer’s day, and the berries, ginger, oranges and yogurt all work to unclog cardiovascular systems.

Valentine’s Treats, Healing and Sweet!

What’s Valentine’s Day without some scrumptious treats for you and your sweetie to enjoy? But you don’t want to spike your blood sugar or blow your diet, right? We thought so.  That’s why we created these low-calorie, blood sugar-friendly goodies made with SLIMTEVIA, the all-natural sweetener that’s three times as sweet as sugar — but […]