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The Top 12 Insomnia Healing Superfoods

Welcome to My Healing Kitchen! As a member, you will receive weekly articles featuring the top Insomnia  Healing Superfoods.  (If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join us!) Over 9,000 studies confirm that food is your best medicine. If you struggle to get more ZZZs, that’s encouraging news. Recent studies show that […]

Busy Bees Improve Your Z’s

As far back as biblical times, honey has been championed as Mother Nature’s perfect food. A complete protein containing all 8 amino acids, honey is filled with nutrients. Although it is pure sugar, it has a favorable 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose, which improves blood sugar stability. It contains tryptophan, which helps trigger the […]

Sweet Dreams With Honey

For the sleep deprived among us, honey isn’t just a tasty folk remedy — it’s a potent cure for insomnia. Honey’s unique nutritional profile allows it to stabilize blood sugar and improve glycogen storage in the liver for better sleep. It contains the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. Its omega-3 fatty acids support brain health and […]

Turkey — an Insomnia Superfood

When you suffer from insomnia, bedtime can be a time you dread. Will this be another night you lie awake for hours, or jolt awake at 3 am? To pump up your zees, try turkey as a bedtime snack! Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which calms your brain and allows you to get to […]

Bravo for Broccoli — Fatigue’s Fabulou...

Anyone with insomnia knows that hungover feeling it leaves you with the next day. Do yourself a favor: Invite broccoli to the dinner table often. These friendly little green trees provide high levels of nutrients that support adrenal health and contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds that heal chronic inflammation, a precursor to inflammatory diseases and chronic […]

Beans Take On Insomnia

When you’re exhausted and dragging through your day, it’s easy to overeat simple carbs and sugars, which offer quick energy to keep your brain alert. It’s a short-term solution. When your blood sugar inevitably crashes, your adrenal glands secrete flight-or-fight hormones to manage the crisis, leading to horrible anxiety jitters. If you do this repeatedly, […]

Free Radical-Fighting Beans Foil Insomnia

If you’re tired of being tired, listen up. For bodies compromised by insomnia-induced fatigue, beans are a godsend. They not only carry high levels of antioxidants but also help control blood sugar for a full 24-hours after eating them, so that your overworked adrenal glands get the rest they crave. There’s good reason why beans […]

Bring on the Broccoli for Restful Sleep

Feeling sluggish and sleepy? A night of tossing and turning is a setup for low energy and brain fog. Broccoli is a surprising ally in helping with insomnia symptoms. Its high levels of fiber mean it digests slowly and stabilizes blood sugar, so that your body gets a steady energy supply and your overworked adrenal […]

Season With Seaweed For Soothing Sleep

Dining on seaweed may not be common in your neck of the woods, but these superfoods have been a mainstay of the cuisines of Japan and coastal communities, from Norway to New Zealand, for millennia. Sea veggies come in all shapes and sizes and are chock full of important trace minerals and iron that support […]

Sleep Like a Baby With Olive Oil

Researchers can’t get over the astounding healing properties of olive oil. A staple food in the Mediterranean, this delicious oil has contributed to the cuisine and health of people in the region for centuries. Extra-virgin olive oil is a potent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It reduces inflammation in the body, helps control blood sugar […]

Nuts Nourish Sleep

Nuts are front-line fighters in the campaign to heal insomnia. They contain important antioxidants that allow them to combat systemic inflammation from spiking blood sugar. They mop up free-radical molecules released during oxidative damage. And they allow overworked adrenal glands a break from pumping out hormones to manage stress. Nuts also contain high levels of […]

Soak Up the Sea — Energize with Sea Vegetabl...

Humans beings love the sea. That’s not really a surprise. We are ocean creatures, after all. Our blood contains about the same amount of salt as the sea, and the minerals found in the briny deep are the same ones we carry in our own bloodstream. Sea vegetables, or seaweed, have always been important in […]

Beef Up Your Health with Grass-Fed Beef

We’ve all heard the horror stories about red meat. But that’s cheap supermarket beef. It comes from cows confined in crowded, filthy Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). These unfortunate creatures require massive doses of antibiotics to stay well, and they’re pumped with hormones and fed an unnatural grain diet to create marbled meat that does […]

Pluck Up Your Energy with Turkey and Chicken

If you’ve been tossing and turning all night, just getting out of bed is a wearying task. For an easy wake-up call, add poultry to your insomnia healing diet. Chicken and turkey are a great source of omega-3 healthy fats; selenium for antioxidant and immune support; B vitamins, which are critical to energy production; lean […]

Whole Grains Sweeten Your Dreams

Sugar overload is a bitter pill for anyone suffering from fatigue. Your overworked adrenal glands have to take up the slack in order to keep your blood sugar steady. Whole grains take on blood sugar spikes and crashes, transforming them into a steady stream of consistent energy. If your energy reserves are constantly depleted by […]

Crank Up Your Energy—With Eggs!

If you have chronic fatigue, chances are you’re deficient in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are essential to the proper functioning of your brain and key to getting a good night’s rest. One of the easiest and least expensive sources of omega-3s is nutrient-packed eggs from free-range chickens that have chance to roam outside in […]