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Don’t Depend On Alcohol

Anxious and worried at night? Self-medicating with alcohol is an understandable if misguided solution. In moderation, alcohol allows you to relax, and in greater quantities knocks you out — for a few hours, anyway. But once your body has metabolized most of the alcohol and its sedative effect has worn off — well, you know […]

Can the Coffee

Ahhhh! The smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. All by itself, that’s enough of an incentive to lure anybody out of bed — even those insomniacs who have managed just a few scant hours of sleep. But caffeine works so well because it’s a stimulant — a little helps you perform well; too […]

Sugar Is Not Your Friend

When you’re suffering from insomnia, too often you wake up feeling as if a truck ran over you. With deflated energy, foggy thinking and low stores of either patience or enthusiasm as yet another dawn breaks, it’s tempting to turn to that chocolate doughnut breakfast or the box of highly sweetened cereal to jump-start your […]