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Exercise: Your Secret to Menopausal Health

Menopause brings with it a range of potential villains ready to encroach on your well-being; increased risk of serious illness, annoying hot flashes, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Fight back with a powerful secret weapon that blasts away midlife symptoms: exercise. 1. Work-outs work better than HRT. Studies show that regular exercise is as effective as […]

Kegel Exercises Keep You Confident

With menopause and age comes the potential for lower muscle tone. This includes the pelvic muscles, which if weakened can lead to incontinence.  The way to build any muscle is to exercise, and to avoid incontinence, your pelvic muscles are no exception. 1. Embarrassing urinary incontinence. One in six women between 20 and 65 experience […]

Low Salt Saves the Menopausal Heart

Pretzels, French fries, chips – Americans love classic salty foods. But for women in menopause, the time has come to put down the salt shaker. Hormonal changes make salt affect your blood pressure more than ever, increasing your risk of heart disease. 1. Blood pressure and salt. The average American consumes up to 3,436 milligrams […]

Relaxation Heals Menopausal Symptoms

Your daily life is stressful enough: add to that hot flashes, irritability and anxiety – all symptoms that come with menopause —  and you’ve got enough stress to send you teetering on the edge. Luckily, research shows that simple relaxation techniques can have a big effect on curbing stress-producing midlife symptoms. blackberry phone spy software […]

Sage Soothes Hot Flashes

Sage is more than just an herb for your turkey stuffing. Used for centuries medicinally, sage is a powerful ally in a menopausal woman’s quest to curb difficult hot flashes and night sweats. blackberry spy apps 1. Ancient herbal remedy. Sage, or salvia officinalis, has been used for thousands of years for everything from warding […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Supports Menopause

As women move through menopause, they may find that getting enough sleep is harder and harder to do. Yet it is vital to get enough healing sleep to keep you energetic, alert and healthy as your hormones change. buy cheap cigarettes 1. Menopause disrupts your Z's. Women have trouble sleeping well in midlife; up to […]

Stop Smoking to Save Your Menopausal Health

If you smoke as you approach menopause, now is an great time to give it up. You will be saving yourself from a greater risk for osteoporosis and heart disease, and you may also delay the beginning of your midlife change. 1. The risks of early menopause. Women generally start menopause between the ages of […]

Mellowing for a Happier Menopause

If stress were easy to get rid of, we’d be chilled out all day, every day. But, easy or not, as you enter menopause, reducing chronic tension needs to be a high priority. No, make that a necessity; a necessity that keeps you sane and strong in midlife. 1. How stress hurts. It’s not so […]

Walking Winds Down Menopausal Symptoms

With the huge hormonal and physical changes that women face with menopause, it’s a relief to know that something as simple as a daily walk can keep you healthy and upbeat. 1. Small investment, big benefits. With the onset of menopause and decreasing estrogen, women face the increasing risk of many illnesses, including heart disease, […]

Acupuncture Cools Hot Flashes

Hot flashes — one of the most annoying symptoms of menopause — are thought to be a result of declining hormones, specifically estrogen. Several recent studies using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat menopausal symptoms have shown great promise. TCM is a 2,000-year-old medical approach that treats the whole person, using acupuncture, diet and herbs […]

Make Menopause D-Lightful

It’s a known fact: Hormones go kattywampus at menopause. They’re up; they’re down; they’re far-flung all around. Is it any wonder we feel discombobulated? One vital hormone that we need for good health has been incorrectly dubbed a vitamin — vitamin D, known as the “sunshine vitamin” because our bare skin converts it to a […]

Menopause is a Laughing Matter!

Go on, crack a smile! Better still, hoot and holler as many times a day as you can. Laughter engages your whole being — mind, body and soul — and reconnects you to yourself and the Universe. That’s just what you need when menopausal hormone swings take you from mania to the doldrums in seconds […]