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Oat Risotto with Green Peas, Wild Mushrooms and Le...

You might dream of the Veneto with this creamy, earthy, and utterly delicious classic Italian risotto with a twist: a nutty, chewy, whole grain that isn’t rice, but works perfectly. Try it and see, and you’ll also tame those pesky menopausal symptoms while fortifying your bones.

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Wilted Mustard Gre...

This dish may seem like it has a lot of steps but trust me it’s worth it. The combination of flavors and textures is a sure winner and with the plethora of menopause healing ingredients like beans, sweet potatoes, nuts and greens, you will definitely realize it’s worth the time.

Seared Mahi with Blueberry Jalapeno Sauce and Cand...

The vibrant colors in this beautiful dish are indicative of the its ability to help your menopausal symptoms. Antioxidant-rich blueberries complement mild flaky omega-3 fish while jalapeno gives it just the right amount of kick.

Seared Sesame Tofu Over Green Tea Rice

Soy is a great way to get phytoestrogens that are so important to women going through menopause. In this recipe tofu is coated in sesame seeds and seared to create a crispy, crunchy stick you can happily enjoy. Replace fatty chicken fingers with this healthy alternative and you won’t be sorry. Infused rice is a perfect pair with tofu. The green tea givers nutty brown rice a depth and earthiness that complements it perfectly

Garlic Shrimp on Jicama Crostini with Mango Salsa ...

Make a splash with this amazing appetizer that reminds me of my visit to St. Kitts…an inspired blend of tropical flavors piled on crispy, refreshing jicama. At the same time, you’ll help quell the symptoms of menopause with boron-rich bell peppers, bone-strengthening garlic shrimp, and lignin-endowed flax.

Fava Bean Soup with Spicy Greens for Menopause

The beautiful, buttery, nutty fava bean stars in this creamy soup with a spicy kick. High in phytoestrogens, calcium and vitamin D, this delicious soup will tame menopausal symptoms while protecting your bones and heart, which need extra support during the change of life.

Salmon Chowder with Brown Rice and Edamame

A taste of New England with an Asian twist. This hearty chowder has all the calcium you need to keep bone strength and loads of omega-3s for your heart. The edamame give a fresh exciting crunch and the brown rice is a great alternative to high-carb potatoes.

Pizza On-the-Fly for Weight Loss

This home-made, healthy pizza delivers…incredible flavor and a crisp, delicious crust. It takes just minutes to prepare. Conventional pizza is packed with refined carbs and unhealthy fats that block your “I’m full” signal and pack on the pounds. These pizzas do just the opposite, thanks to their anti-inflammatories (in spinach, basil, garlic, and cheese from grass-fed cows) and the non-inflammatory whole grains. You’ll never need to order delivery pizza again!

Menopause-Relieving Roasted Broccoli with Dried Ch...

Here’s an easy way to help reduce menopausal symptoms. Broccoli’s complex carbs provide the raw materials for feel-good serotonin, calming volcanic emotions. The nuts reduce hot flashes. An the flavor is perfect: savory broccoli gets a sweet, rich hit from the cherries, while the walnuts add a satisfying crunch.

Menopause-Fortifying Grilled Salmon with Squash an...

During the change of life, hearts and bones need extra attention. Wild salmon strengthens both, so enjoy this rich, meaty fish combined with naturally sweet butternut squash and vibrant, garlicky pesto. The olive oil and the salmon will also help calm symptoms.

Menopause-Easing Greek Meatball Sandwich

The “change of life” stresses the cardiovascular system. And that makes this recipe great for menopausal women. It’s loaded with heart-healthy grass-fed buffalo, yogurt, onions, garlic, whole grains, carrots, and cabbage. And it comes with juicy, olive-infused meatballs on crisp veggies, topped with a creamy cool yogurt dressing, and stuffed into whole grain pita. A great treat for hearts and palates!

Menopause-Calming Blueberry Flax Crisp

Sweeten “the change of life” with this piping-hot breakfast crisp. Abundant blueberries are topped with crunchy granola and baked to perfection in a quick and easy dish that’s wonderful when temperatures are plummeting and you need help warming up. Whole grains, walnuts, flax and berries lighten your mood, reduce hot flashes and protect your heart, all of which are essential for women in menopause.

Easy Menopause Salmon Burger with Citrus Dressing

This is one of the quickest hearty meals you can throw together for menopause health. It features moist, savory salmon burgers and a killer cream sauce with the perfect balance of citrus, honey and ginger. Wild salmon, yogurt, nuts and whole grains help reduce hot flashes while strengthening menopausal hearts and bones.

Red Miso Soup with Tofu and Edamame

This is a phyoestrogen extravaganza with three kinds of soy that reduce hot flashes and taste amazing. The combination of textures and the hot soothing broth is the perfect meal to calm your nerves, fill your belly and satisfy your soul. You don’t need to fly to Japan to taste a traditional Asian soup. This one is ready in 30 minutes and will be a family favorite.

Red Cabbage Rolls with Ground Chicken and Mushroom...

Crisp Red Cabbage is a perfect vehicle for this Asian-inspired filling of chicken and mushrooms. By using the inside of the cabbage in the filling you are not only getting the most for your money but increasing the amazing healing powers of cruciferous vegetables.

Red Cabbage and Lima Beans Braised in Beer with Cr...

Braised cabbage in beer is such a staple of the Midwest and no one should have to give it up. Here is a healthy version that adds Lima beans to the mix which are super rich in vitamin E. Get rid of your hot flashes and enjoy a classic tasty dish that is both healing and delicious.