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You’re Making Progress, Stay Focused!

During the first few months, you will probably shed weight like magic. Then one day you might find that the scale barley budges; this is called a plateau. Don’t get discouraged! Keep plugging away and try changing up your routine. See what happens and don’t lose faith! Always remember how far you’ve come and congratulate […]

Pull in Your Abs

As you walk, try squeezing your abs in for about 5 seconds at a time until your muscles are tired. Walk normally and then repeat this. Contracting certain muscle groups such as this will build core strength and tone your midsection muscles.

Join a Walking Group

Sometimes walking can get lonely, so ask friends to come along. Set a walking date with friends once or twice a week or join a walking or running club. Look for 5k or 10k walk so that you can meet others who share your weight loss goals.

Set Goals and Raise the Bar

Raise the bar Once you get to 10,000 steps most days of the week, try setting a goal to reach 12,000 a couple days a week. When you increase intensity like this, it will spike your metabolism and increase weight loss. Push your speed Mix your speeds as you walk. On a scale from 1-5, […]

Whistle While You Work

While you walk, listen to your favorite music so that you stay motivated and happy. Some people even like to listen to inspirational speakers while others enjoy guided meditations.

Head for the Hills

To keep mixing it up, look for more challenging places to walk. Try walking steeper streets than usual or do multiple flights of stairs. If you have the time, get outside and go hiking up a mountain or other trail.

Stretch it Out!

Incorporate a few minutes of stretching into your daily routine. A few minutes into your walk, try doing some dynamic stretching for a few steps. Lunge one leg at a time or lift your leg straight up as far as you can to stretch your hamstring. The little bit of extra exertion will burn a […]

Check Your Pedometer and Gage How You Feel

Check your pedometer a few times a day to gage how you are doing. If it’s already noon and you haven’t come close to your halfway point, you’ll know that you need to get moving. Find extra reasons to walk more, even if that means just standing up instead of sitting. Kick it up a […]

Step it Up: 10,000 Steps to No-sweat Weight Loss

Studies have shown that all you need to do is take at least 10,000 steps each day to achieve a level of physical activity that will shed pounds. Taking just 10,000 steps a day can burn 250-500 calories and help you lose 10% of your body weight easily. You may think this is a lot […]

You Don’t Have to Eat Less!

Combined with the My Healing Kitchen recipes, walking will make it quite easy to lose weight. If you want to lose 1 pound per week, you need a deficit of 500 calories and the best way to achieve this is to consume fewer calories and burn off a little extra. You don’t necessarily have to […]

Your (Hiking) Boots are Made for Walkin’!

Lace up your walking shoes Walking has long been considered an “older people” exercise. Until scientists started looking at it more closely in recent years, walking wasn’t even thought of as fitness. Yet, researchers realized that walking may be the most effective form of exercise of them all. Walking burns about 100 calories per mile. […]

Portion Size is Key: Make a Smaller Plate for a Sm...

Fill your plate halfway Often our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We fill up our plates with what we think they can eat, even if it’s way too much food for one person. Serve yourself half of what you think you can eat from now on, and you can always go back for seconds […]

Eat More, Lose Weight

Though it sounds silly, studies show that people who eat more often lose more weight and keep it off longer. The traditional three meals a day is just a ticket to weight gain. Your body can only metabolize 600 calories at a time, so if you eat a meal that is over 600 calories, those […]

Shop Smart and Kick Those Late-Night Snacks to the...

Shop smart “If you don’t buy it you can’t eat it.” One of the best and smartest strategies for losing weight is to stop buying unhealthy foods. If you don’t have fattening foods around, then you’ll never have to fight temptation. A second piece of advice: never go to the supermarket with an appetite. Eat […]

Banish Bad Habits: Regain Control of Your Life!

When you’re trying to lose weight, eating the right foods will only get you so far. You will also need to abolish bad habits and patterns of behavior. Here are some helpful tips to help you support your healthy eating regimen and keep you shedding pounds. Most of us are not conscious of our weight […]