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Chocolate Ginger Date Nut Truffles

Dates and dark chocolate add natural sweetness to these rich and decadent truffles. They are a perfect bite size dessert that won’t leave you craving more. The ginger gives them a little spicy bite while the nuts add crunch. Refrigerate or freeze them for a no-fuss fix to your afternoon chocolate craving.

For a variety platter of these try rolling some in coconut, citrus zest or even chili powder.

Valentine’s Treats, Healing and Sweet!

What’s Valentine’s Day without some scrumptious treats for you and your sweetie to enjoy? But you don’t want to spike your blood sugar or blow your diet, right? We thought so.  That’s why we created these low-calorie, blood sugar-friendly goodies made with SLIMTEVIA, the all-natural sweetener that’s three times as sweet as sugar — but […]