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Green Tea Poached Salmon with Spicy Sesame Slaw

Green tea and citrus are a perfect complement to tender omega-3 salmon, which will speed up your metabolism so you can easily shed pounds. The rich nutty flavors of the sesame, chili paste and Dijon mustard add a delicious depth to the meal. Crunchy veggies add texture to balance out the whole dish.

Try this with halibut or tuna. Add shredded broccoli stem to the slaw for some added crunch.

Pro-Heart Salmon Burger with Citrus Dressing

Healthy hearts need a lot of omega-3 fats . . . way more than most of us get. But you’ll get plenty in these moist, savory salmon burgers thanks to the salmon, yogurt, eggs and walnuts. And the creamy citrus ginger sauce? I want to drizzle that on every meal for the rest of my life

Pound-Shedding Spinach Pesto

Step up your metabolism with this rich, yummy pesto. Garlic, olive oil and nuts trigger the burning of fat, and all the ingredients help keep your blood sugar under control. And that means you stay full longer. So enjoy the sweet and complex flavors of this mild spinach pesto that packs in a nutritional powerhouse.

Pound-Shedding Oat Risotto with Green Peas Wild Mu...

Ahh, Italia. Here are the classic flavors and creamy textures that I long for, with a healthy twist. You will have to try it in order to believe it – whole grain oats instead of refined-carb rice! And that means complex carbs and fiber that keep you full longer, along with healthy fats that help you drop weight.

Pound-Shedding Grilled Salmon with Squash and Pepi...

This recipe is chock full of weight-loss warriors. Wild salmon, garlic and olive oil drive up your metabolism, which makes it easier to shed pounds. And they taste divine: this simple meal lets the rich, hearty flavor and firm, meaty texture of the salmon shine through. It’s accented by naturally sweet winter squash and garlicky pesto.

Pound-Paring Sweet & Spicy Blue Corn Enchilad...

Join me for a wild, wacky, and insanely delicious enchilada that naturally shuts down appetite. Sweet potato’s carotenoid pigments and goat cheese’s omega-3 fats intensify your “I’m full” signal. The whole grains help you stay full for hours. Creamy cheese and the euphoric zing of salsa verde marry beautifully with the tater’s sweetness. And it’s so easy!

Pizza On-the-Fly for Weight Loss

This home-made, healthy pizza delivers…incredible flavor and a crisp, delicious crust. It takes just minutes to prepare. Conventional pizza is packed with refined carbs and unhealthy fats that block your “I’m full” signal and pack on the pounds. These pizzas do just the opposite, thanks to their anti-inflammatories (in spinach, basil, garlic, and cheese from grass-fed cows) and the non-inflammatory whole grains. You’ll never need to order delivery pizza again!

Salmon Burger with Citrus Dressing for Weight Loss

Quick to throw together, but delicious enough to impress guests! These hearty salmon burgers also make it easier to lose weight, thanks to the garlic and healthy fats in the wild salmon and the nuts. These savory burgers are topped with a cloud of exquisite creamy citrus dressing hinting of ginger. So good it’s comfort food in our house!

Oaxacan Chicken Mole

This might seem like an intimidating dish, but once you’ve got it down it will become a staple in your house. As soon as you bite into the succulent spicy sauce and tender meat you’ll understand that it was all worth it. A traditional comfort food of Mexico, this is just one version of a million types of moles. Serve it on corn tortillas or in lettuce leaves with queso fresco and limes. Try this with turkey or buffalo. For a smoky flavor add a few chipotle peppers. To make it easier on yourself, double or triple the batch of sauce and freeze it for future evenings when you need a quick dinner.

Jamaican Sardines with Coconut Milk, Sweet Potatoe...

Don’t be afraid to try sardines just because you’ve heard horror stories. Sardines are flavorful, tender and super high in omega-3’s. One of the most healing foods in the world, these little fishies are amazing with the spicy creamy and sweet combination of jalapenos, coconut milk and sweet potatoes.

Buffalo Mushroom Meatloaf with Black Pepper Gravy

Classic meatloaf has never been so tasty or so healthy. You don’t have to give up your hearty gravy and comforting meat with this new take on grandma’s old favorite. The mushrooms add depth and bulk to make this a filling, stick-to-your ribs meal with healthy fats that help you burn fat. Try it with a dash of soy sauce for an Asian twist or add fresh herbs like basil or rosemary. Serve with a side of steamed veggies and you have a full healing meal that is easy on the waistline, the taste buds and the wallet.

Sicilian Sardine Pasta with Fennel, Saffron, Arugu...

Omega-3 oils are one of the healthiest components in the world and sardines are a perfect way to get your share. Don’t be afraid to try these complexly-flavored little swimmers. Vital Choice brand canned fish is affordable and an amazing addition to any dish. This Italian inspired pasta combines the pungency of these fish with the anise flavor of fennel and the spicy bite of arugula. Saffron smooths it all out while the soy nuts provide an affordable nutty crunch that can replace pine nuts in almost anything.

Bison Bolognese over Crispy Goat Cheese Polenta

This deep hearty Italian dish is made even healthier and heart-friendly with the use of grass-fed bison. The tomatoes add earthiness and the crispy polenta has a nutty corn crunch with just a touch of creaminess.