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Fava Bean Soup with Spicy Greens for Weight Loss

This truly tasty soup is based on the great fava bean, which is little known in this country but adored in the Mediterranean. Beans help you shed pounds by getting you to burn 23% more fat for 24 hours after you eat them. And of course the complex carbs and fiber fill you up and keep you that way for hours.

Squash Soup

Fill up on this delectable soup to shed some pounds. The spicy warmth of ginger deepens and enhances the sweetness of squash and pear in this rich creamy puree. The complex carbs in squash and onion keep you full longer, while the milk’s calcium will help you lose weight.

Coq Au Vin (Red Wine Chicken Stew) for Weight Loss

This classic French dish has been made for centuries by French women who have weighed far less than those of us who stayed away from “fatty foods” to lose weight. Why? Studies have proven that healthy fats (like grass-fed chicken) speed up your metabolism and enable you to burn far more calories. The veggies in this succulent stew are also full of complex carbs and fiber that fill you up and keep you satisfied for hours. So go to France for dinner, enjoy your meal, and loose weight!

Watermelon Cucumber Soup with Fresh Basil

This refreshingly cool summer soup is a perfect way to start off an elegant outdoor dinner party. A touch of sweetness brings out the natural flavors of the watermelon and cucumber and the chopped basil adds a pungent earthy touch. Serve it with a side salad for a super light dinner or even freeze it as a palette-cleansing sorbet.

Add a dollop of yogurt either on top or in the soup for a creamy touch. For some kick, add a seeded jalapeno to the puree. Try adding other fruits like mango, pineapple or papaya.