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There's a quiet revolution happening in the fitness world that you're about to discover ...

DID YOU KNOW? Europeans have been pole walking (ski or Nordic walking) since the 1930's, when it became the perfect off-season training solution for skiers in Finland. It has since become a national sport, and is a must-have for hikers and mountain trekkers for added support and endurance!

"Across the pond, the number of Nordic walkers is now reported to eclipse the number of runners."

Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher, -- National Post 2008, canada.com

Over 6 Million Europeans Can't Be Wrong!

Thousands of people across North America are loving the KEENFIT POLE WALKING SYSTEM -- a PORTABLE, VERSATILE walking tool and that you can take with you anywhere!

According to in a recent Strength and Conditioning study published on PubMed: "The data suggests that trekking poles may be a beneficial tool for increasing caloric expenditure, as energy production is increased during exercise without increased perceptions of effort."

Supercharge Your Walk! Now YOU Can Learn How to Stride Your Way to Peak Fitness in Less Time it Takes to Drive to the Gym!

Another Keenfit Living Proof Story:

I personally will not walk unless I have the walking poles. Walking with the poles helps build my biceps and shoulder area muscles and expands my chest breathing capacity. The benefits are wonderful!"
Larry, DDS, MPH - Director, Kelowna Coronary Health Improvement Project Director

After extensive researching of different kinds of walking poles, Keenfit took the best design features and put them all into ONE! Included are Road Feet, Trail Feet, Beach Basket Feet, and Carbide Steel Tips -- Adjustable for urban city walking, mountain hiking, or traveling!

Numerous scientific studies PROVE the increased effectiveness of POLE WALKING. This versatile and easy walking aid is an enormously popular European fitness trend that is striding across North America! With the Keenfit POLE WALKING SYSTEM, here's how you can easily get fit anywhere:

Supercharged Fitness -- POLE WALKING is a low impact, yet higher intensity workout. 30 minutes of Pole Walking = 50 minutes of regular walking! This energizing form of walking with poles increases your cardio by 20%, burns 48% more calories than normal walking, and involves 90% of all the muscles of your body, upper and lower. You'll feel the increased stamina you build from pole walking with little increase in perceivable effort.

Less Impact -- Easy on your joints! The use of poles decreases the impact of weight-bearing stress on your hips, knees and ankles by 26%. The pole straps and upper body absorb much of the impact and offer better support. Walking poles can lighten your load and improve balance, with supportive assistance to lower the impact on your spine, hips and legs.

Allows EASY storage and transportation -- The Keenfit Telescoping Adjustable walking poles are easy to adjust to any height, and any terrain. Perfect for traveling!

Excellent Support for Hiking -- Mountain hiking is very popular in European countries, and increasingly so in North America. Keenfit Walking Poles provide excellent stability on steep, slippery trails, and support for your knees and hips. Enjoy longer, more challenging hikes with less worry about the terrain and tiring quickly.

Ultimate Cross Training -- Great for skiing or marathons! Enhance your training program, or supplement jogging as a high octane cardio workout with less stress on the joints. As the Europeans have been doing for decades, you can benefit all year in every season with the strengthening action of "ski walking". No snow? No problem! Stay fit for the next ski season

Increased Balance, Straighter Posture -- Because "four legs" are better than two. Walking poles offer bilateral stability, and radically improve balance. Better posture naturally results, as poles help you walk with a straighter back -- better walking posture is easier on your whole body!

Another Keenfit Living Proof Story:
My arms look like I am lifting weights, nice toned muscles, even though I'm not. It's all from using the poles correctly. With the walking poles I now get a perfect workout without going to the gym. It's cheap, outdoors and I can fit it into my schedule!"

Pernie -- Age 40, Kelowna BC - Looks like she's been lifting weights

Feel Immediate Results!

Keenfit offers all the TRAINING and SUPPORT you need to get you on your way today!

Arthritis? Joint Pain? Bad Problems?

You don't have to give up walking and fat burning exercise anymore. The Keenfit POLE WALKING SYSTEM takes the pressure off your joints, provides better posture and balanced weight distribution while striding.

The low-impact effectiveness of Walking with Poles helps to get you walking again, whether you are a casual walker or an advanced fitness enthusiast.

Still not sure if Pole Walking can help you to reclaim your health and vitality?

Let's shift gears for a moment, and look at a story of true transformation from our founder and world renowned authority on Pole Walking, Sheri Simson ... (AKA "The Pole Lady")

This video discusses how a mother of three reclaim her youthful vitality, lost 30lbs and takes her new found knowledge to spearhead a fitness revolution in North America.

Click on Sheri's image above to watch this fascinating 2.5-minute video to see living proof of her personal transformation!

And Invitation from "The Pole Lady"

Dear Friend,

I'd imagine that right now you are pretty excited about the possibility of truly taking a hold of your life and bringing yourself back to your highest potential as a human being.

I remember a time when it was not so easy, and if someone would have told me that I could have changed my life as much as I have I wouldn't have believed it.

As the owner of a successful construction company, a wife and a mother of three young boys -- finding time to exercise, eat healthy, and relax seemed impossible let alone exhausting! Carrying three baby's full term had done a number on my body and my back, not to mention I had held onto a few extra pounds with each pregnancy. I not only felt unattractive but I was tired all the time.

Before and After

I was 41, 30 lbs over weight and terribly out of shape. My once-fit and strong body now had loose/extra skin & fat, weak / limp muscles, and cellulite (in places I never knew you could get cellulite). Not to mention I had aches & pains all over.

Never would I dare be seen in anything sleeveless and I went years where I felt embarrassed if anyone but my family saw me in a bathing suit. I blamed a lot of it on the fact that I was over 40. Come on -- who doesn't gain weight as they get older, and isn't it a fact that loosing weight, let alone being fit is a lot harder as you age!

Pole Walking Transformed My Life!

As hard as I may, I tried to exercise whenever I could, and I watched what I ate, but to no avail I seemed destined be over weight and out of shape. Desperate, I signed up for 'Weight Watchers' and realized that, though I thought I was eating well - I was - but just a little too well! I can't say enough about this program it really helped me change the way I looked at food and how I approached eating. I didn't and I still don't diet - I just watch what I eat! (I tell you this because; as I developed the "Keenfit Walking System" how you feed your body is very much a part of its success.)

I finally started going in the right direction. I was watching what I was eating and I was starting to lose weight, but I still felt sluggish, tired & out of shape. With juggling my full time business & busy family I had little time, energy & extra money to get into shape. Walking was all I had the time or money for - but just walking seemed to have little effect on how I looked and felt.

It was on a trip to my husband's home of Denmark where I was first introduced to 'Fitness/Nordic Walking Poles'. My mother-in-law gave me a pair and I was excited to put them to work. I was blown away by the results they produced! Not only was it easy (at first I thought it was maybe too easy, you know - "no pain/no gain!") but once I got a rhythm going, my whole body felt energized, as the poles seemed to propel me forward.

My Fat Was Falling Off!

It didn't take long for me to notice that walking with poles made a difference - my fat just seemed to fall off! It was amazing, within weeks I felt stronger and definitely tighter! The funny thing was I wasn't walking any further or any faster but yet -- WOW! -- I couldn't get over what was happening to my entire body! I had so much more energy, not to mention I enjoyed watching my body take on its new shape. The whole experience empowered me - for the first time in a long time I actually felt sexy. (I had arms like Madonna and I wasn't even lifting weights!)

Fascinated by what had happened to me and excited by what this European Secret could do for others -- I decided that with North America's crazy lifestyle and imminent poor health, it was my duty (and now my company's mission) to inform, inspire, empower and support people to become accountable for themselves so they can find balance, live in peace and walk as their true self.

I would truly like to raise the fitness level of North America and create a walking revolution by letting everyone know that it can be as easy as turning a simple walk around the block into efficient, effective, aerobic total body work-out -- by just adding poles!


After transforming her life with the Keenfit Pole Walking System, Sheri Simson has now dedicated her life to raising the fitness level of North America with this unique and life changing system.

Her results and the results of thousands of people that she has already helped has inspired her DEDICATION to doing the same for Pole Walkers of all backgrounds and stages of life. And that means YOU.

Your decision creates a turning point in your life. How do we know? Because you have read this far, something in you must be ready to try the Keenfit Pole Walking System.

If you are like many people who are concerned about their health, you'll probably agree that you don't mind getting a bit of exercise because it's actually kind of fun. But you probably DON'T LIKE long repetitive workouts for 1-2 hours, in a gym surrounded by people grunting and pushing for any results from their exercises.

If this is YOU, you'll really LOVE these "Anytime, Anywhere Workouts". And with only 30 minutes required to get good results, you are REALLY REALLY going to LOVE getting it all done in the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME it would have taken to drive to the gym!

The Keenfit Walking System WILL Turn Your Body into a

Fitness Walking with 'The Keenfit Pole Walking System' will turn your body into an incredibly effective calorie burning incinerator, helping you lose & maintain weight -- have you looking & feeling terrific -- adding years to your life!

Pole Walking with the Keenfit Pole Walking System is specifically designed to:

Pump up your cardio by increasing oxygen consumption, up to 25%

Reduce impact on lower joint by 26%

Reduce stress on your knees and lower joints

Strengthen your upper body and create resistance that builds better bone density

Ski Walking provides ALL the low-impact benefits of walking and is a more effective aerobic workout

Ski Walking / Nordic Walking naturally relaxes & strengthens the arms, neck, back and shoulders

Unlike walking, running & biking -- Ski Walking / Fitness / Nordic Walking works the arms, shoulders, and abs (the total-body) -- while reducing knee, hip, back & hip strain

If you are like the 10's of thousands of people that we have already helped to truly transform their lives, then you are probably pretty excited about what you've seen and read so far

Sheri Simson, AKA "The Pole Lady" is an invited speaker to many events across North America as a fitness guru and a leading expert on the benefits of Pole Walking. She is often quoted in magazines, newspapers and on websites about the life changing effects of Pole Walking:

Changing Lives with the Keenfit Pole Walking System

"North America's Health & Fitness Ambassador" Sheri Simson (aka, "The Pole Lady"), is reaching out to couch potatoes and athletes alike with a 'Unique & Simple Walking System'.

After starting her company a couple of years ago, it is exploding onto the North American fitness scene with numerous proven health and wellness benefits including correcting body posture, increasing metabolism and losing weight.

Keenfit holds regular 'free' Walking Clinics & Clubs, facilitated by its certified instructors and is rapidly expanding its Network of fitness converts and Clinics & Clubs throughout North America.

This fitness phenomenon completely dispels the "No Pain, No Gain" mantra that has been prevalent in our society for years.

Absolutely ANYONE can use the Keenfit Walking System... and the proven benefits over regular walking are astounding! Your body can burn up to 48% more calories by just using poles, and a 30 minute Keenfit walk is equivalent to almost an hour of walking without poles. And the best thing of all, Keenfit walkers (and institute studies) have found that walking with poles is actually easier!!

There is definitely a fitness / Walking revolution "afoot" in North America, following on the "heels" of the popular Nordic Walking rage that is all over Europe! Ms. Simson and her Company are passionate -- they aren't just about selling poles... they are creating a culture that plans to inspire & motivate millions of North Americans to get out and increase their health and wellness!

"By just adding poles you can turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic -- total body workout!"

We also know what is holding you BACK. We are going to help you overcome your obstacles right now with the tools to transform your life. Let's discuss the 5 OBSTACLES that are holding you back from a newer, better you.

How do I do it?

We know it's hard to find a pole walking company that actually gives you the complete training to truly reach your goals. Keenfit is one of the few companies that will give you this training, without trying to sell it to you. At Keenfit, it's ALL FREE, accessible anytime online

Keenfit Travel Walking Poles 3-Piece

These light-weight aluminum-alloy, telescopic, adjustable Travel Walking Poles are designed with 2-adjusting points for more compact storage and easy transportation as well an assured customized comfortable fit for the casual average walker or the more aggressive athletic Pole Walking walkers who find they often travel by air to other locations to explore other neighborhoods or trials (so they need Poles that collapse as much as possible).

Collapsed - they measure from 22.5in / 57cm to 27in / 69cm easily fitting in mid-sized suitcases

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We will promptly refund ALL of your money if you're not completely happy with the Keenfit Walking Poles.